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Ford Transit L3H2 all purpose refrigerator van rental

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Ford Transit L3H2 all purpose refrigerator van rental

Ford Transit all purpose refrigerator van is a specialized vehicle that combines the functionality of the standard Ford Transit with additional equipment for cooling or freezing cargo. Renting a van plus a refrigerator is an ideal choice for the distribution and transport of fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products and other food products. Refrigeration or freezing of cargo allows maintaining optimal temperatures to ensure freshness and safety of food during transport.

Year 2022
Carrying capacity 1050 kg
Cargo space volume 11 m³
The length of the cargo area 3000 mm
The width of the cargo area 1800 mm
Cargo area height 1900 mm
Capacity 3 EPAL pallets
Fuel Diesel

This type of van is often used in the catering industry for food delivery. It enables the safe transport of prepared meals and drinks while maintaining the required temperature. It can be used for the medical transport of sensitive medical samples, drugs or blood products that require controlled temperature to preserve their effectiveness and safety. For the transport of sensitive plants, flowers or other agricultural products that require certain temperature conditions, this plus tray provides a safe and reliable way of transport.

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