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How can I rent a vehicle as a legal entity?

Any company older than 2 years can rent a commercial vehicle at SDT Renting. Your business must meet credit check requirements. After concluding the contract, you need to pay a deposit in the agreed amount and rent for the first month.

What documents do I need to sign a vehicle rental contract?

To sign the contract, you need the following documents: extract from Serbian Business Registers Agency, copy of Certified Notarized Signatures of Authorized Persons form, Identity Card or Passport of an authorized person.

How can I make a payment for a car rental?

Payment is made exclusively via bank transfer, cash payment is not possible. After receiving the paid deposit amount, we will inform you when you can collect your vehicle. You can pick up the vehicle at our location.

For what period of time can I rent a vehicle?

As part of the short-term vehicle rental model, you can rent a vehicle for a minimum of 1 day or up to a year. As part of the long-term vehicle rental model, you can rent a vehicle from one year onwards. It is possible to extend the lease period depending on the needs of your business. For all information, please contact us.

Can I use a rented vehicle abroad?

Our clients can use rented vehicles abroad with prior authorization from SDT Renting. If you need to go abroad, we provide you with a green card and authorization to drive a vehicle abroad.

Where can I collect and return the rented vehicle?

You pick up the rented vehicle at the location of our company in Dobanovci, at the address Sretenjska 4. After the contract expires, you return the vehicle to the same location. Our vehicles must always be returned clean and with a full tank of fuel, as they are picked up clean and with a full tank of fuel.

What to do in case of vehicle breakdown?

If there is a breakdown of the vehicle or some technical problem related to the vehicle, you need to contact us on the phone number 062 425 888. We are available 24/7, and our colleagues will help you in further solving the problem.

What is the fee for a daily car rental?

The rental fee depends on the length of the rental period and the type of vehicle you wish to rent. See the current PRICE LIST or contact us.

How much daily mileage is included in the short-term rental price?

Detailed information on mileage can be found in our current PRICE LIST of vehicle rental.

What is the rental period for a daily vehicle rental?

In the case of a one-day rental, the vehicle must be returned within 24 hours from the time of pickup.


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