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SDT Renting

Short-term rental of commercial vehicles for legal entities

Short-term rent/lease of commercial cargo and delivery vehicles usually lasts from a few days to a few months (up to a year). This type of rental is ideal for temporary needs, such as short-term projects, seasonal jobs or urgent transportation.


Short-term rental offers users more flexibility in terms of using the vehicle for short periods without long-term obligations. Users can rent a vehicle only when they need it and return it after the end of the project or period of use.

Target group of users

Short-term rental often attracts individuals or companies with temporary vehicle needs, as well as those who are unwilling or unable to commit to long-term contracts or financial obligations.

Costs and economic viability

A short-term lease can be a cost-effective option for short-term needs, as users only pay for the use of the vehicle for a short period, with no long-term obligations or maintenance costs.


Get a vehicle in three easy steps in 24 hours


Choose a vehicle

SDT Renting has a solution for every transport requirement. In addition to the standard range of vehicles, we are able to respond to specific requests. For more information, contact us.


Sign the contract

Choose the suitable commercial vehicle rental model and rental period (short-term or long-term vehicle rental).


Pick-up your vehicle

After paying the deposit, you can pick up the vehicle at our locationSretenjska 4, 11272 Dobanovci, Serbia.