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What is a FULL SERVICE renting?

On the Serbian market, the company SDT Renting acts as a franchise partner of the company VIARENT and is engaged in FULL SERVICE rental of commercial vehicles. This service is a comprehensive solution that provides customers with complete support and facilitates all aspects of fleet management, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Custom fleet

SDT Rentingprovides a wide range of commercial vehicles of different sizes, models and specifications, in order to meet the different needs of users. Regardless of whether trucks, vans, vans or refrigerated trucks are needed, SDT Renting has a vehicle that meets the specific requirements of clients.

Professional insurance

SDT Renting provides full insurance for all vehicles in our fleet. This insurance includes different types of coverage, including theft, collision and third-party liability insurance.

Regular maintenance and servicing

SDT Renting takes care of regular maintenance and servicing of its vehicles in order to ensure their technical correctness and safety. This includes regular inspections, replacement of parts as necessary and engine and brake maintenance to ensure safe and reliable vehicle operation.

Technical support and emergency interventions

In case of technical problems or emergency situations on the road, SDT Renting provides fast and efficient technical support and emergency interventions. Users can be sure that they will have the support of a professional team in solving any problems or unplanned situations during the use of the vehicle.

Administrative support

SDT Renting undertakes administrative duties related to the vehicle fleet, including registration, insurance, invoicing and keeping records of vehicle usage. This frees users from administrative burdens and allows them to focus on their core business activities.

The FULL SERVICE renting offered by SDT Renting and VIARENT provides users with a comprehensive commercial vehicle rental solution, facilitating their fleet management and allowing them to fully focus on their core business goals. This service is a reliable and efficient option for companies that want to have access to commercial vehicles without the need for long-term ownership or administrative burdens.